Minmahaw School is a post-secondary boarding school for socio-politically, educationally and/or economically underprivileged Myanmar youth aged between 17 and 23 years old, based in the town of Mae Sot, in the Thai-Myanmar border. All students are coming from migrant learning centers and refugee camps in Thailand. Minmahaw introduces students to an international-style experiential education taught by foreign and local volunteers in an immersive English environment. Students have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to studies and leadership as well as the willingness to improve their communities.


Originally, Minmahaw was established in 2007 with a single purpose – to prepare the children/grandchildren of political prisoners to attend tertiary institutions such as Universities. Minmahaw worked then and still works now on the principle of Intensive English language immersion; i.e., all lessons and conversations during school hours including five night studies a week, are in English.

The Minmahaw Education Foundation (MEF), nowadays named as Education for Friendship Foundation (EFF) board recognised that not every student at Minmahaw School could, or needed to, attend University and so Vocational Studies were introduced as one of the core subjects. All students attend at least one Vocational Studies as well as a Careers lesson per week. In response to needs changing over the years, Minmahaw School has been incorporating and adapting different courses such as Summer School and Teacher Education.


To empower the new generation to

  • Strive towards higher education,
  • Be able to compete internationally with their contemporaries in the information age,
  • Be perceptive and to have personal commitment to involve in moving forward Myanmar’s Democratization process.


  • To obtain scholarships into college and/or university,
  • To gain exposure to various vocational courses with possible job opportunities after graduating,
  • And to secure entry into GED (General Education Development) or any other higher education program with an internationally recognized accreditation.