Application Form

To attend Minmahaw school (Post-secondary), you are required to submit an application form, go through an interview and attend Summer school. The process may change every year so make sure to find out about it!

The application form will be posted on our Facebook page (link provided below). 

– The announcement will be made either by the end of December or by mid-February the latest.

– Fill out the application in English or Burmese language. Check the questions carefully and answer them all. If you have a question, you may ask us on our Facebook page.

– Below is the most recent application form for Minmahaw School. Check it out and do not miss the deadline!

If the deadline has passed by the time you check the application form, kindly wait for the next announcement to apply for the next academic year.


  • A 6 – 7 week program
  • Between Mid April – Late May

Summer School is part of the selection process so all students that are applying for the academic year are required to attend it. Minmahaw summer school aims to build confidence, grow self-esteem, enhance creativity and encourage open-mindedness, opening up opportunities for them to learn from others and about themselves.


  • 10 Months Program
  • 3 Terms (Term 1 – June/September, Term 2 – September/December, Term 3 January/March)
  • Study English, Vocational Studies, Social Studies, Maths, Science, Computers, Art, Thai, among others.
  • Engaging students through activities, group work, oral presentations, critical and creative projects such as filmmaking and sport events
    Night Study (5 nights a week)


You can send it through our school email or give it to school personnel.

It depends on your condition. If you cannot pay, you will not be asked to.​

You need to fill out the application, attend summer school and you will be asked to do an interview.

Things you need to know about studying at Minmahaw School:

  • It is a boarding school, which means you will be staying in the dormitory along with other Minmahaw students.
  • There are several duties within and outside of your class, such as classroom cleaning, gardening and cooking.
  • You will not be allowed to use mobile phones on school days. Yes, the school management team will keep them and return them to you on weekends.
  • You will be both encouraged and challenged to communicate in English during your study at Minmahaw to improve your English-language skills immensely.
  • The school has a disciplinary system in which you take on additional duties and tasks in response to rule violations during your stay.