Minmahaw School

About Minmahaw

Minmahaw School is a post-secondary boarding school for socio-politically, educationally and/or economically underprivileged youth from Myanmar aged between 17 and 23 years old, based in the town of Mae Sot, in the Thai-Myanmar border. All students are coming from migrant learning centers and refugee camps in Thailand.

Minmahaw introduces students to an international-style and experiential hybrid education taught by foreign and local volunteers in an immersive English environment. Students have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to studies and leadership as well as the willingness to improve their communities.

Minmahaw Canvas


To obtain scholarships into college and/or university

To gain exposure to various vocational courses with possible job opportunities after graduating

To secure entry into GED (General Education Development) or any other higher education program with an internationally recognized accreditation


  • A 3 to 5-week program
  • Between Mid April – Late May

Summer School is part of the selection process so all students that are applying for the academic year are required to attend it. Minmahaw summer school aims to build confidence, grow self-esteem, enhance creativity and encourage open-mindedness, opening up opportunities for them to learn from others and about themselves. During the Summer school, students would also be enhancing their communication skills through cooperative and relevant projects in an English immersive environment.

ACADEMIC YEAR (Post-secondary)

  • A 10-months English immersion Program
  • 3 Terms (Term 1 – June to September, Term 2 – September to December, Term 3 January to March)
  • English, Social Studies, Math, Science, IT, Art, Thai, Exam preparation and Vocational studies including Teacher Training, Hospitality, Filmmaking and Programming.
  • Student Mentoring Program (Careers) for interview, resume, cover letters and career advice preparation.
  • Meaningful and relevant critical and creative thinking cooperative projects in a hybrid approach.
  • “Learn how to learn” in the self-studies and Night Study sessions during the whole week.

how to apply

Get the Application Form

We post the application form on our Facebook page (Minmahaw School) or you can also ask for it in our school email ([email protected]) or get it personally from school. If the application deadline is already over, kindly wait for the next academic year to apply again.


You can send it through our school email or give it to school personnel.

It depends on your condition. If you cannot pay, you will not be asked to.​

You need to fill out the application, attend summer school and you will be asked to do an interview.