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"New Generation Is Our First Priority"
Welcome to Minmahaw School

         Minmahaw School is a boarding school based in the town of Mae Sot, Thailand 500 km NW from Bangkok on the Thai/Myanmar border. The school offers intensive English immersion programs for disadvantaged Burmese aged between 17 and 23 years old that have completed compulsory aged education and have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to studies and leadership. The students do not pay for their accommodation or tuition.

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Minmahaw School Rocks On!

Summer School was held March – May 2023 for the first time since the pandemic! The curriculum was focused on becoming more English proficient. While here, students participated in the unique Minmahaw culture with other students from Myanmar while sharing diverse ethnic backgrounds. The summer school students were first in line to apply for Minmahaw School’s academic year.

Principal, vice-principal, teachers and managers are motivated to move Minmahaw through this post pandemic time of action. They are starting with forty-four students this year as they bring in and organize the pent-up energy of volunteer teachers from Myanmar, Thailand, Spain, the U.S. and other parts of the world. These leaders have been forming partnerships with other local and international organizations to teach, inspire, and help financially support Minmahaw’s young students.

Our 2023/2024 academic year begins with the promise of a $15,000 Match from our long-time, anonymous donor.

Consider joining the Minmahaw Community with your kind donation. Contribute here and encourage your friends and family to join you in being a part of the 2023/2024 Match for Minmahaw!