For those unfamiliar, our inspiration comes from one of the Ten Great Birth Stories of the Buddha (Wikipedia Link), specifically the tale known as Mahosatha Jataka, also referred to as Prince Mahosatha or Madhosadha Jataka.

The Mahosatha Jataka recounts the story of the Bodhisatta, who consistently applied wisdom in all his endeavors. His profound wisdom did not result from mere luck or a miraculous gift but rather stemmed from his dedicated pursuit of the Virtue of Wisdom over many lifetimes.

This narrative holds significant influence in Myanmar, cherished for its beautifully written literature on wisdom. In fact, the story is included in textbooks used in middle schools across the country. In homage to Mahosatha, spelled the same in Burmese, the school is named Minmahaw.
Grade8 Myanmar Text Book (PDF) Link
International Affairs Department Link – 05 Madosadha Jakata

The image displayed above features the original logo. After Minmahaw started two programs, Post-Ten and GED, an additional clarification step was needed in our communication with the external network. This became especially necessary during fundraising efforts for the Post-Ten program, where confusion arose due to the fully funded status of our other GED program. In order to eliminate ambiguity, the Post-Ten program decided to adopt a distinct logo to differentiate itself from the GED program.

Despite the existence of two programs, both are integral parts of Minmahaw. Therefore, when we engage in events and celebrations as Minmahaw, you might encounter us using this logo. Perhaps in the future, we may opt to revert to using the same logo for both programs. The possibility remains open.

In the early stages of Minmahaw, our foundational support was known as Minmahaw Education Foundation (MEF). As the school contemplated its future growth, the foundation board decided to formalize its status for greater support to Minmahaw. However, due to certain challenges, the foundation was officially registered under a Thai name that translates to “Education for Friendship Foundation” (EFF). This registration as EFF took place in 2013. Despite the change, there is occasional confusion as some still associate it with the original name, MEF. At times, people even perceive EFF as an entirely new and distinct organization. To clarify, EFF, formerly recognized as MEF, is the legally registered foundation in Thailand that supports migrant education for students along the Thai-Myanmar border