Welcome to Minmahaw School

MEF 12th Anniversary Invitation (2018-2019)

Dear Everyone, You are warmly welcome to join us and we would be honored by your presence at this celebration! Please click the picture to see the detail information.

2018-2019 Academic Year

Singing Thai National Anthem

Group Photo

(2018-2019) Academic Year Students

Community Cleaning

Students cleaning around the school compound and streets.

Computer Class

Students learning in computer class.

What's New

Help Us Meet Our Goal

Please give a hand to Minmahaw School! Last year Minmahaw School received a donation to help pay for a nutritional diet for students. This year Connect Her Organization will give us US $2,500 matching grant if we can raise $2,500 on our own. So far we have already collected $1,000, but it is very important that we try to get $1,500 more in donation. So can you please help us meet our goal of $2,500 so we can get the full matching grant from Connect Her? You can donate by clicking the picture of this article which will redirect to the donation site; Thank you, Ye Min Htike (Ko Ye) Director, Minmahaw School

Nutrition Project at Minmahaw School

Starting from last Academic year 2017/18 Minmahaw School had the chance to carry out a project focused on Nutrition. Connect Her is a non-profit organization that supports Minmahaw Students by raising funds and provides nutritional awareness training as well as a healthy diet.

Minmahaw Art & Craft Shop

Hey!!! Have a look at our craft shop.A group of Minmahaw students have been looking after this little cupboard; filling up with their handmades and story books to get funds for the school.