Welcome to Minmahaw School

2018-2019 Academic Year

Singing Thai National Anthem

Group Photo

(2018-2019) Academic Year Students

Community Cleaning

Students cleaning around the school compound and streets.

Computer Class

Students learning in computer class.

MEF opening ceremony (2018-2019)

Students singing school song at MEF opening ceremony.

What's New

School Fundraising for 2017/18 academic year

Minmahaw School is now fundraising for the 2017/18 academic year. Please support a new cohort of students reach their full potential and goals.

A Teaching Experience at HCTC(Hospitality Catering training Center)

Minmahaw students have been getting a taste of lesson planning and teaching at HCTC (Hospitality Catering training Center).

Minmahaw Art & Craft Shop

Hey!!! Have a look at our craft shop.A group of Minmahaw students have been looking after this little cupboard; filling up with their handmades and story books to get funds for the school.