Minmahaw School’s Picnic Group Photo for 2014-15 Academic Year

Every student was busy with studying in 2014-15 the whole year. So student needed to relax in the end of the year. That’s why teachers and management planned for a picnic. So we visited two places: hot spring and water fall.


Giving Present to Brian(2014-15 principal of school)

He worked at school about 3 years as full time principal and he organized and supported the school very much. Now he left the school , that’s why student gave “T-shirt” printed with his face. It would be a special remembrance thing for him to remember every student and school. Also Wai Nyi Nyi(General manager) gave a wonderful “Thanks Speech” to him for helping school.

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 Wonderful Speech to Peter(Teaching science) and Julie(Teaching English) By Hsi(student)

Every year , we had many volunteer teachers who visited from different countries. They sacrificed their time for teaching at Minmahaw school. However, it was fun for them, because students were friendly and participate in their teaching. In picnic day, Hsi gave a unforgettable speech for departing teachers Peter and Julie.


Singing Burmese Song By Jordan

This year, we had a special thing happen at the picnic. A volunteer teacher sang a   Burmese song for her lovely students. Students were proud for their teacher who respected their language. It was a fantastic song, the best we had ever listened before.


Playing games

When we are learning subjects, we didn’t have to learn only mental exercise but also learned with physical exercise activity. So we had learned many subjects with playing games and activities during the whole year. Everyone enjoyed that fun teaching style. Therefore, when we went to hot spring for picnic ,we started our relaxing day with playing games.

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