Nutritional Project at Minmahaw School

Starting from last Academic year 2017/18 Minmahaw School had the chance to carry out a project focused on Nutrition. Connect Her is a non-profit organization that supports Minmahaw Students by raising funds and provides nutritional awareness training as well as a healthy diet.
It all started because of the idea of one former volunteer, Azmina Karimtogether with Jonathan who is working for Connecther Organization in South East Asia. During her stay, she realized that there was a lack of nutrients in the daily diet of students and she initiated this project.
Students learned how to create a healthy diet with the available aliments taking into account the amount of calories necessary in a day. With the money raised by Connect Her, students were provided with a wide variety of nutritious food such as fruits, vegetables, meat, milk, pasta, and grain.
Finally, the nutritional project gave a huge impact on the students how to live in life healthily and enhance their awareness on the importance of food and nutrition.

“Minmahaw is honored to collaborate with Connecther to support nutrition for already 2 academic years”

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