Visiting Rustic Pathway

Students from Rustic Pathway Group visited to Minmahaw School on Saturday, 15/7/2017. There were some activities such as playing games, bally ball and soccer. Also the visitors explored around the…

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Weekly Assembly

This week students from PI class performed a comedy story about Minmahaw Schdool's teachers, managers and life style. Moreover, there was a student who had birthday this week. Also some…

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Students’ Performance

Every week, the students have performances on Thursday, during the assembly. Last week, Group 3 performed about a student who could not pass matriculation exam in Myanmar, but he came…

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Playing Soccer with Some of Our Visitors

Last month, there were some visitors from Rustic Pathway group. Rustic Pathway students and Minmahaw Students had some activities such as playing Soccer. 

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The final day of Minmahaw Summer School

26/5/2017, on Friday, as the final day or the graduation day of Minmahaw Summer School, teachers, students and managers played games and had some activities together. We (Minmahaw School) proudly…

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On 18th May 2017

On 18th May 2017, students did karate with Marc in the morning. At the afternoon before the school finished, there were performances lead by students. Dance, singing, and some drama…

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