23th March — 27th May


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Minmahaw Summer School aims to:

  • familiarise students with learning and communicating in an English language immersion environment.
  • familiarise students with the investigative, interactive approach to teaching and learning as used in contemporary international education systems.
  • develop individual study patterns.
  • develop skills to allow a smooth transition from school education to the beginnings of tertiary and/or vocational education.
  • encourage each student to become a contributing member of a total school community.
  • develop students’ self-confidence.
  • evaluate student readiness to continue to further education.

Summer School Information:

  • Registration is open to students of any nationality and religion, and aged 17 to 23 years.
  • Registrations open 8 January, 2016, and close 26 February, 2016.
  • Declaration for accepted students will be made 4 March, 2016.
  • Maximum 70 students will be accepted.
  • Class sizes limited to 14 – 16 students.
  • A minimum of 10 computers will be available for teacher and student use.
  • Accommodation and meals are available only to students enrolling directly from Myanmar.
  • Students living in Thailand will provide their own accommodation and meals.
  • The fee for attending Minmahaw Summer School is 300THB per month.
    • (N.B. not compulsory for disadvantaged students.)



  • English
    • includes General English, Reading, Listening, Book Study, Writing, Speaking
  • USSR (Uninterrupted Sustained Silent Reading
  • Critical Thinking
  • Science
  • Social Studies

Teachers’ Choice:

May include subjects such as:

  • Environmental Studies, Daily Fitness, Visual Arts, Music, Crafts, Dance, Photography, Physical Education, Nutrition, First Aid, History, Health Issues in Asia, Food and Hospitality, Tourism.

N.B. All classes except English will be mixed-ability classes.

The school day:

  • Monday — Thursday: 8.00am — 3.00pm
  • Friday: 8.00am — 1.00pm
  • School ends each week at the conclusion of Assembly, which will begin at 12.30pm Friday.
  • All lessons, except for USSR and Physical Activities, are 1 hour duration.
  • Students should bring their own lunch each day.

Stationery and specified text books will be provided. (Students will not use the same texts or course topics that are used in the secondary or Teacher Education programs.)


Students absent from Summer School for more than a total of three days without confirmation from Minmahaw School management will be excluded.


Registered students must attend Summer School Orientation on Wednesday 23 — Thursday 24 March, before classes commence on Monday 28 March, 2016.

Please note that Minmahaw Summer School will close for the following holidays:

  • March 25th
    • Good Friday (Christian Easter holiday)
  • April 13th – 19th
    • Songkran (Thai), Thin Gyan (Burmese), Water Festival (Buddhist New Year)

Minmahaw School Academic Year:

The Academic Year Entrance Exam will be held on Saturday 14 May, 2016.
The Academic Year will commence on Monday 6 June, 2016.

N.B. Summer School is not

  • the start of
  • the prerequisite for
  • a practice / rehearsal for

the Minmahaw Academic Year program.


Moe Saung Phwe (School Manager)
Phone : 090 674 2374
Email: [email protected]

Kyaw Than (Assistant Manager)
Phone: 090 695 7616
Email: [email protected]