Mission Statement

Minmahaw Education Foundation (MEF) is a non-profit, student-centred, English learning program to promote, support, and increase access to internationally recognised education of young generation of Myanmar. Its missions are:

  1. To empower the new generation to strive towards higher education,

  2. To compete internationally with their contemporaries in the information age, and

  3. To be perceptive and to have a personal commitment to work towards a free, democratic Burma

MEF is made up of two distinct schools:

  • Minmahaw Higher Education Program (MHEP) serves 24 students selected through an application process and prepares them to sit for the American GED exam. It is entirely funded by Child’s Dream, a Swiss NGO, including paid teachers and full room and board for the students.

  • Minmahaw School is a ONE-year program for disadvantaged Burmese students who have a proven background of high academic achievement. They are between 17 and 23 years of age and may arrive from Refugee Camps, displaced migrant labouring families or from inside Myanmar. All students are disadvantaged educationally, economically and/or socially and represent diverse ethnicities of Myanmar. Minmahaw School does not have a major funding supporter, existing on small individual donors from countries around the world.