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The Town (Mae Sot often spelt Mae Sod – the Thai language does not have an exact phonetic t or d
Mae Sot is an interesting town and very easy to live in and very safe with the cost of living not high. Obviously these vary on the degree of “comforts” your life style dictates.

There are many, many great eating places (Thai/Asian/Western menus) with meal cost ranging from about $1.00 upwards.

There are several Supermarkets as well as numerous small shops providing basic needs plus. A new Tesco Extra (supermarket/department store with a number of speciality shops and Movie Theatres) has recently opened. There is a ‘Club/Bar Scene’ which I’ll leave to you to discover – if you want.

Medical Services (including dental services) are readily available and are very good. ATM’s abound, and Banks offer good service, including changing money (without the surcharges that occur with ATM’s)

Assistance in finding accommodation can be provided, if you request it. Shared accommodation can be found for about $60 a month – although finding someone to share can be difficult. Apartments and Guesthouses are also readily available but are more expensive. Good quality Guesthouses which offer Wi Fi, TV, hot water, refrigerators, etc. and serviced daily, are about $11 a day – A/C rooms a bit more (further discounts are usually offered for stays longer than one month).

It is likely that you will land at “Suvanabhumi Airport” (symbol: BKK). If not staying in Bangkok you need to go to the Northern Bus Terminal – ‘Mo Chit’ – to catch the bus to Mae Sot (VIP buses 660 others from 400 baht and available on line). From the airport, I recommend that you take a taxi to Mo Chit –. You can get a Public (metered) taxi on the first floor of the airport Arrivals building.

The Mae Sot morning bus leaves Bangkok at 9 am, and ‘night’ buses 8 pm and 9 pm. The bus takes about 8 hours to get to Mae Sot, and if you phone or email us ahead we will meet you at the bus station when you arrive.

It is also possible to fly (about 70 minutes) to Mae Sot airport from Bangkok (Nok Airways), at a cost of about $60 – $70. This plane leaves from the second of Bangkok’s airports (Don Muang). We can arrange to meet you at the Mae Sot airport if you wish.

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