Debating class

At the third class for Friday morning, students had debating class with staff(Wai Nyi Nyi and Thein Zaw). At first Wai Nyi Nyi showed a documentary called “11 things you didn’t know about North Korea”. Then he explained about documentary to students.After that he divided two group and gave a topic. Students had 10 minutes to discussing with their team. Also some students were audience who vote for con and pro. For that students, Thein Zaw explained about voting systems. And then students selected three people who are going to compete at debate. Each of them had 2 minutes to debate. Also they had 1 minutes to discuss with group before next debate.

Deb_00001 Deb_00002 Deb_00003 Deb_00004 Deb_00005 Deb_00006

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