For Students

  • Summer School Program
  • Minmahaw Post Ten
  • Teacher Education Program
  • A 10 - 12 week program
  • Between Mid March - Late May
  • Established since 2012

Many students use it as a preparation for the Minmahaw School (Academic/Post Ten) Entrance Exam. Students also attend from other border/migrant schools to experience a program based on a ‘contemporary/international/western’ delivery model – an approach that is not common in Burmese or Migrant Border schools. Others attend to experience an English Immersion approach to help them with future studies.

  • 10 Months Program
  • 3 Terms (Term 1 - June/September, Term 2 - September/December, Term 3 January/March)
  • Study English, Vocational Studies, Social/General Studies, Maths, General Science
  • Most of our students do not speak Thai, and so have one lesson a week in conversational Thai.
  • Engaging students through activities, group work, oral presentations, etc
  • Night Study (5 nights a week)

The Minmahaw English program has only 5 – 10% focus on structure/formalities although it is integrated on a student/class needs basis throughout all subjects.

  • The program is also offered as a one-year program (the same schedule with Academic Program) throughout the Migrant schools network. This program is also by Application.
  • Approximately 15 students who successfully apply to attend the Teacher Education (Training) program will have a second year at Minmahaw.


June to the next year March

We post the application form on our Facebook page (Minmahaw School) or you can also ask it from our school email ( or get it personally from school.

You can send it through our school email or give it to school personally.

It depends on your condition. If you cannot pay, you will not be asked.

You need to attend summer school then you will be asked to take the test and do interview.

English, Social studies, Science, Math, Computers, Art, Careers, Thai, Vocational studies, and among other subjects that change during the year.

For more questions; please email to ( )

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