School Calendar

Minmahaw School Calender 2017/18

Term 1:

Monday June 5th to Saturday September 9th, 2017
(70 school days)

Term 2:

Monday, September 18th to Wednesday, December 20th 2017
(70 school days)

Term 3:

Monday 1st January to Friday March 17th 2018
(52 school days)

Graduation is on March 17th

                                                    2017/2018 Special Days – School Closed

Full Moon Day (Warsoo -Beginning of Buddhist lent)          Saturday 8th July 2017

Warkaung (Karen Wrist tying day)                                            Monday 7th August 2017

Queen’s Birthday Holiday                                                           Saturday 12th August, 2017

Full Moon Of Thadingyut (End of Buddhist Lent)              Thursday 5thOctober 2017

World Teacher’s Day                                                                 Thursday 5th October 2017

Full Moon Day Of Tazaungmone (LoiKra Thong)                 Thursday 2nd – 3rdNovember 2017

King’s Birthday Holiday                                                              Mon 5th December 2017

Thai Constitution Day                                                                 Saturday 10th December 2017

Burmese Independence Day (School Anniversary)             Thursday 4th January, 2018

Song Kran (Water Festival (or) Thingyan Eve)                 Friday 13th – 17th April, 2018


                                                                         Summer School (2018)

We would like to make an announcement for students who are interested to apply Minmahaw Summer School program, it (the summer school) has been cancelled for this year (2018-2019).

Announcement on facebook page


The information for Minmahaw School Calender (2018/2019) will be updated soon.




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