School activities with Rustic Pathways students

Every students had fun time with Rustic pathways students. They visited to school about two days. First day, we had culture exchange about Myanmar ethnic groups by Minmahaw students. Then we had activities time. Next day, we had culture activities such as cooking European food, learning ethnic culture and language, performing myth story and sharing about western ccultures.
Rustic pathways is a kind of travel program that provided western students to travel around the world and to learn the difference education and cultures.

Career classes and Assembly

Last Tuesday, there had fun activities with career classes and assembly. Students learned two special classes in the career time such as art and craft(making stamps with vegetables) and cooking class(making fruit salad). Next fun activity is performing entertainment by TE(teacher education) students.
After the assembly, teachers, students and management celebrated for the some student who had birthday with singing birthday song.

Election Time

Last Friday, there had special and essential time for everyone at Minmahaw school.That is voting time for the student’s leaders. Everyone had exciting time especially candidates. Students sang Minmahaw school song before election.
At first, students had to vote for president position. This year was so amazing because girl got president position for the first term but last year no girl got it. After that position, students voted for vice-president from boy candidates, then treasure, boy dorm leader and girl dorm leader.

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Campaign Night

On 3rd June 2015, There had students speech for the school leaders as president, voice-president, boy and girl dorm leaders and treasure for school fund. Each of candidate had to give three minutes speech. Then students had to discuss and make the question with question. After that, teachers and management team had to draw the lottery for students and questions. And each candidate had to answer. Everyone gave good speech for school that is how they will help to school.
Good luck everyone for your position….!!!!

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Minmahaw Electives class

Yesterday, 2nd June 2015……In Minmahaw School, there had special activities for the students. That was teaching electives for fun. It was not only teaching by teachers but also a student from TE(Teacher Education) class taught how to play guitar. Electives class started at the afternoon with six kinds of activities including guitar, cooking, games(cards), photography, Salsa, short film.

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