Career Class

Every Tuesday, students had career classes at the morning. Students studied Dance, Art and Craft with Jewelry classes such as Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald. Each of group had to study as a station in each of the class.Each class took 1hour and 20mins long.

Art Class

Students had art class in Tuesday morning. They studied creating animals sculpture with clay and making necklace and earring with paper clips. Then they had to present about their own sculpture, necklace and earring.

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Craft class

On 7th July, students had art class with Dan. He taught the students making paper craft quelling. It made students interested in it. That’s why they created many things on the post cards and others with paper quelling.

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Dance Class

On 7th July, students studied dance class with visitors who came from Spain. They are Paloma and Raul who taught Flamenco dance. That is a traditional dance in Spain.

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Student of the month

On 3rd July, we had special thing for everyone at assembly. That’s student of the month. These decided by students leader, teachers and management. It is for the student who try hard, good at socializing, participating in the class and school, good at response. Every students were excited for that. For June, Chit Chit got the student of the month.
Congratulation Chit Chit……..
Good luck at everything..,We hope you will do best for your study.

Assembly and Birthday

Hello Everyone,
This week was the first week of July and it ended again with memorable assembly. Students performed about lazy students and try hard students. It was just long 5 minutes and it cangave knowledge that every students to try hard at studying. Then students are singing birthday song for Paw Lah Htoo.
Good luck Paw Lah Htoo…
We wish you to be happy in your life….