The last day before Songkran

On  April 12th 2017 was the last day before Songkran and also it was to say good bye to teacher Jennifer. Students and teachers joyfully enjoyed games, after that General Manager Moe Saung  Phwe gave a thank speech to Jennifer for being a part of Minmahaw Family. When students took a group photo, they were splashed with water by the managers and teachers. Then they all enjoyed their Songkran Holiday.

Minmahaw Application Form(2017 -2018)

If you are interested to apply Minmahaw School (2017-2018) academic year, Please read the school academic application form.

The extrance exam will held on May 13th 2017 at 9 :00 AM in Minmahaw School. Applicants must have turned 17, and be not older than 23, by 1st June, 2017.

Application Forms must be delivered by email or in person to Minmahaw School Office by durin the exam.


Graduation Day

On March 18th, 2017 was the Minmahaw School Graduation Day. All teachers and students felt half happy and half sad: they all graduated,and that was the last day of Being in Minmahaw School. MHEP students gave Graduation Cards to each MS students. After that, students, teachers, managers, and parents enjoyed a wonderful dinner.

Sport Day

In 17th March 2017 was the sport day of Minmahaw School. Teachers and students participated on that day. It started at 8’clock in the morning. MHEP teachers and students also participated with Minmahaw School. After playing games, there was assembly: Performances from MHEP students and MS students.