2nd week of the 2nd Term

2nd week of the 2nd term has successfully completed. During the week, students were performing many activities such as joining new elective classes and community cleaning (29/9/2018) with MHEP students. There was also awarding student of the month of September and the award goes to Aung Kyaw. A big congratulation to Aung Kyaw!

Help Us Meet Our Goal

Please give a hand to Minmahaw School!
Last year Minmahaw School received a donation to help pay for a nutritional diet for students. This year Connect Her Organization will give us US $2,500 matching grant if we can raise $2,500 on our own. So far we have already collected $1,000, but it is very important that we try to get $1,500 more in donation.
So can you please help us meet our goal of $2,500 so we can get the full matching grant from Connect Her?
You can donate using this link;


Thank you,
Ye Min Htike (Ko Ye)
Director, Minmahaw School