Tuesday Classes Activities

On 30th August, 2016, Students had Art, Craft and Science Labs classes; Students had drawing sketch lessons in Art class. During Craft class, students made kites with a partner and they tried to fly it. In Science Labs class, students learned about how wheels, chain ring & pedal works. (fast or slow when the change the gear)

art (2)art (3)  art craftcraft (2)craft (3)   science labs (2) science labs

Weekly Assembly by TE (Teacher Education) Students

On 30th August, 2016, Minmahaw Students had an Assembly by TE students. They entertained a love story; the boy and the girl became couple in the friends’ reunion picnic and in the end the dying boyfriend wrote a letter to her girl and the performance end sad and beautifully. After the dramatic performance finished, there was a special birthday for a student; Htun Gyi.

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