Election Day for Second Term

After the entertainments, on 9th of September 2016, Jacob (school craft leader, who is managing in making craft for school fund) gave the school fund to Assistance General Manager. After lunch time, there was an Election for students who apply students’ leader position for 2nd Term. Students got to vote for their leaders and first term students leaders helped the election done.Congratulations to the second term student leaders.


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Last Day of First Term Activities by Teachers

9th of September, 2016 was the last day of first term and students had many fun games such as shooting the drinking straws into a box, carrying table tennis ball with plastic tea spoon, soccer balance, numbers drawn by the bottom, memory circle, and building tower, elephant nose. The games started 8AM to 10 AM; Students are divided into 7 teams and played for the highest scores.

soccor-balancebuliding-tower teacher-marking-the-scoresmemory-circleelephant-noseshooting-strawsbottom-writingspoon-and-table-tennis-ball

Campaign Night for Term 2

On Tuesday night, 6th of September 2016, Candidates (students who apply leader positions for term 2) had to give a speech to the audience (students, teachers & managers). In their speeches, they described how they are willing to take extra responsibilities to help the school and how they will act as a good role model for the students. They also had enough confidence to answer the questions the audience ask.

candidatesgiving speechgiving speech (2)speech for girl dorm leaderspeech for boy dorm leaderdiscussing for question discussing for question (2)asking question