Saturday Activities for Students.

On Saturday, 11th June, 2016, students had school cleaning at 8:00AM to 9:00AM. Then they had craft making. In the afternoon, at 3:00PM to 5:00PM they had football match in the NFC ground. There were former students and new students competed each others. Both of girls and boys teams had played. Even it’s rainy they still had fun and came back happily.

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First Week of Minmahaw School Tuesday Classes

On Tuesday, 7th of June 2016, students had interesting classes with their volunteer teacher Susan and Dan (Career class), Sean (Craft class), Wanna Zaw (Art) and Saw Del Del (Back Pack Health class). At 8:00AM to 12:20 afternoon, students had Career class, Craft and Art with their different groups called Amazon, Mekong and Zambezi.
At 1:00PM they had assembly time as once a week every Tuesday afternoon. Before performance they had to sing their Minmahaw School song. After their performance students had to continue studying Back Pack Health class till 3:50PM.

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