Debate day with Wide Horizon(WH)

On March 6th, students had friendly debate with WH students. MS students combined with WH students. And they divided four group with two topics. This mean that one topic for two groups such as affirmative and negative. Debate started at 2:45pm. They opened the debate with singing song by MS students and WH students. They chosen winner with voting system by audience(Teachers, MS students, WH students and others).

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School Dinner Day

On March 5th, school had Dinner party at Dan( principle) home. Party started with taking group photo with school’s three body( Students, Teacher, Staff). Then they had dinner. When they were having dinner, they had fun time with watching photo slide show. It was the student’s funny and remembrance photos for 2015-16 school year. After dinner, they had dessert time. At the end of dinner, teacher gave special award for every students such as the best singer at school, the most gossip, hard working..etc.

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