MHEP & WH Entrance Exam Day

Last week on Saturday, MS(Minmahaw School) students had exciting time for MHEP(Minmahaw Higher Education Program) & WH(Wide Horizon) entrance exam. Exam started at 9am. Interview results for each programs came out at 1:30 pm. Many students from MS passed first step for MHEP and WH. After that, they had to take different test from each program such as Math, Science, Social by MHEP and Math Computing by WH. After that they had to sit English interview from each program.

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Painting Pagoda

Last weekend on Saturday and Sunday, every student from MS and MHEP went to U Nu Pagoda. For the reason they went there was to clean and to paint Pagoda. First day on Saturday, 17 students went and cleaned the Pagoda and around the Pagoda. On Sunday, every student went and painted the Pagoda. And some students were preparing for lunch. Also they provided lunch and dessert for Monks, guest and teachers. Then we ended the painting pagoda with taking group photo.

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February Week(1) Assembly

On first Friday in February, Vocational G1 students performed “Puzzle Game” during assembly time. One of student was an announcer who asked quiz question for competitors. They had to held one balloons and had to stand their controversial statements(agree or disagree). If their answer was wrong, pop the balloon. When their balloons were gone, they all out. Only one person was a winner. He had to choose one of his prize from School model girls. However, he was unluckily got Yellow card as a prize. Yellow card is one of punishment at School.

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