Playing Games

On January 4th, we had game activities for the children after we had lunch. It lead by MS and MHEP students. They divide three place in front of school field and they considered to play three section. They called children to consist in the activities. Then they divided the children and they played different games as station. After playing games, they gave prize to kid who won. After that school team & office team played for final. After all of activities, they gave prize to girl football team and boy soccer team who won for first place and second place.

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Happy 9th Anniversary

On January 4th, we had 9th school anniversary for 2016. Ceremony began with Daw Shwe Zin(BMT coordinator)’s opening speech. Then Ko Ye(MHEP coordinator) gave memorable speech about school in the past. After that we had entertainment by Ms and MHEp students. They performed different traditional dances and singing school songs by each school. After all of activities and speeches, Wai Nyi Nyi(MS coordinator) gave unforgettable closing speech.

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Helping Community

On 3rd January, students participated in the religious ceremony with MHEP. The purpose of ceremony were donation rice and other stuff to monks. Monks from different monastery around Mae sot came to our village and ceremony began in front of our school.It started at 2pm. Every students were busy with helping the monks and neighbor such as donating desert rice and other stuff(girls),carrying rice bag

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