On 17th of December, Teacher Education students prepared snacks and games for the children who are studying at Minmahaw Children Center. It was the last day of Children Center until the Minmahaw school opens for third term.

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Campaign Night

On the night of December 15th, there was a campaign held for the students who are applying for the leader roles in third term. There were five positions to apply; President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Boys’ Dorm Leader, and Girls’ Dorm Leader. Students who apply for those positions first gave the speeches. The rest of the students asked questions and leaders had got to answer. After listening to all the speeches and answers from candidates, the students will have to vote for their leaders on the morning of Friday 18th of December.

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Christmas Party

On 12th of December, there was a Christmas Party at our Principle ( Dan ) home. Everyone had so much fun. We started the party with the food. Then, students sang Christmas Songs. After that, teachers gave the presents and Christmas card to students and managements. Finally, students give thanks to teachers.
Thank you so much for delicious food, fantastic decoration, organized plan, and thanks to Dan and Suse for being amazing hosts.


Football Match

On 11th of December after school, the football match for Independence Day ( Myanmar) and Minmahaw Education Foundation Anniversary has started. Both girls and boys have football match. Minmahaw Higher Education Program, Minmahaw School, and former students participate in the game. The Final will be on the day of School Anniversary.

Boys Football Match

Minmahaw School, Minmahaw Higher Education Program, and S.A.W school combined as one and made a strong football team to compete against other schools for Dr. Cinthia Maung Birthday Celebration Football Match. They tried their best and brought home 3rd prize. We are proud of the football players indeed.
Say Congratulation to them for their hard work and success.

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