Friday Assembly

On 20th of November, assembly was held at school. 4 events were taken place. Firstly, Emerald class performed a play. Secondly, student of the month award had been given to Ar Htoo Shel. Thirdly, 2 birthdays were celebrated (Peter and Saw Htoo Bwe). Finally, dance elective performed a very energetic dance.

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Loi Kra Htong Update News

We are sorry to inform you that the dates of Minmahaw’s Loi Kra Htong Fundraising events have changed. We will be selling at the Thai-Burma friendship bridge on Tuesday the 24th and Wednesday the 25th of November starting at 5pm. Please bring your tickets or buy one there to enjoy our delicious food.
Please share this message among your colleagues and friends.

Friday Assembly by G2

On 6th of November Friday, there was an assembly lead by G2 students.Four events took place during assembly. First was the performance by G2 students. Second was choosing a student to go out on dinner with other teachers and friends. Third was a management receiving money from craft sale. Finally, Birthday celebration for Lan Nan.

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