Backpack Class.

On 16th of October, there was a backpack class. The teachers and students did practical exercise for CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation ). They all had fun practicing the CPR process.
Backpackers started teaching 2 weeks ago. They will be teaching for the whole year till March.
They are very appreciated by the Minmahaw School for their contribution to our school.

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Thank you Cari

Cari has left Minmahaw School with precious memory after two week of teaching comparative religion. During two weeks of her teaching, the students really enjoyed the lessons and had a lot of fun.
We, Minmahaw School Managements and Students, are very thankful for her time and lessons. She is warmly welcome to visit and teach again at Minmahaw School.


Making Kites

On 13th of October (Tuesday), there was craft class and the students made their own kites to play with. They made the bamboo sticks thin and smooth by clearing the rough edges. They did have a lot of fun. Some kites flew very well in the air (but the wind was not blowing enough)

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New Teacher

On 6th of October, there was a new volunteer teacher. Her name is Cari and she is from Brooklyn, New York. She will be teaching World Religion to all the students.
We are very thankful for her contribution to our Minmahaw School. We hope she has fun meeting and teaching Minmahaw Students.