Soccer training for Minmahaw Girls

On 16th September, girls had chance to take football training every Wednesday at the football field in front of Mae Sot Villa. The training began at 4:30pm to till 6:00pm. There was 26 participants from both school leaded by 2 trainers called Sia, she was the main trainer and brought one of her assistance.Training will end 28th of October,2015. All of participant were painful and tired with full of fun practicing during training time.

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Craft class (Making collage art)

On 16th September, students had craft class with Dan. He taught the students making collage art with news paper and paper tape. At first they have to draw on paper and they put plastic on the picture that they drew. Then they stick with newspaper and paper tape on plastic. It was so much fun for everyone. Also they all created fantastic art design as a great artist.

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School presentation and Voting for elective class

On 14th of September, students had new teachers for the second term. As our school tradition, new teacher had school presentation to know how school is running every year and how school is working well with three bodies(Student, teacher and staff). For that reason, we had school presentation group by students. They had ever presented, when news teachers came and volunteered at school. Presentation started after the school at 4pm. Also students had voting time for their favorite elective class after night study.

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