Election day

Last Friday, there had special and essential time for everyone at Minmahaw school,after teaching by staff.That is voting time for the student’s leaders. Everyone had exciting time especially candidates.
At first, students had to vote for president position. This year was so amazing because students had to vote two times for president position, that had two candidates left for second time. After that position, students voted for vice-president from boy candidates, then treasure, boy dorm leader and girl dorm leader.

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The last day of First Term activities by Staff

Staff activities started at 9:30 after rocket competition. At first minutes, Kyaw Than(Staff) lead the activity. It was also a competition with groups. They had to compete taking marble with chop stick. After that KoKoOo(Staff) lead the next activity called Romantic carrying Tin. It was school outside and they have to compete carrying Tin with groups as a roll play. Then staff added the scores and they gave prizes to winners. When staff were leading activities,some staff were cooking for lunch. Activities finished at 10:50AM.

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Last day of First Term

On 4th September, 2015 was a fun day for everyone. Students were happy and excited in that day because that day was the last of first term and they had many activities with teacher and staff. So the school timetable arranged with 5 activities. They were including rocket competition, staff’s activities, election, assembly, time to have lunch. Rocket competition started on 8am to 9:20am. After that Dan gave prizes for the winner who thrown higher and came down with beautiful para shoot, also he gave prizes for T-shirt design that made by computing class.

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School Campaign Night

Last Tuesday, 1st September, Students had students’ leader campaign for second term. It started at 7:30pm.There had students’ speech for the school leaders as president, voice-president, boy and girl dorm leaders and treasure for school fund. Each of candidates had to give two minutes speech. Then students had to discuss and make the question with question. After that Teachers and management team had to draw lottery for students and questions. And each candidate had to answer. Everyone gave good speech for school that is how they will help to school.
After giving speech, some students gave thanks speech for old leaders.
Good luck everyone for your position….!!!!

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Karen Wrist Tying Day

Last week Sunday was the Karen wrist tying day. Our school got invitation for that celebration. So MS( Minmahaw school) students and MHEP(Minmahaw Higher Education)students went to there at 8:30 am with school Karen traditional dance. Students performed their dance during entertainment time. Students did pretty well because their dance was wonderful. Then they included in tying celebration. And then students visit to Maesot Park at 11:30am. Students had relaxing time with socializing, looking around the park, singing song, taking photos. Before we went back school, students took remembrance group photos. Then we came back school.

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