Special Thanks to Whitman College students

Dear Paal, Haley and Rebecca from Whitman College,

First of all, thank you so much for coming to Minmahaw and helping us with your great knowledge and dedication. You are all great teachers and all students had much fun with you all. Also students will not forget your huge kindness and encouragement that made them learns more and work hard. We hope you all also got tremendous satisfaction as a teacher in our school. Minmahaw family will gladly welcome you all if you all come back and teach again.

Whitman students_00001

“Thanks you so much for everything”

“May gods bless you all”

Visitors from Rustic Pathways

This was the fourth time visiting school by rustic pathways. But they were a soccer team and their purpose was to play football with Minmahaw students. Also they communicated about culture during their two day visit. Friday evening was the first day of visiting school and students presented about the school. On Saturday morning, they visited to school again and they helped with students’ duties. Then they played football with Minmahaw boys team and girls team at 2 pm to 5pm. Everyone was happy and there was lots of communication with each other. Also rustic pathways students donated some sport material to school.

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