Poster designing class.

Last Friday afternoon, students had poster designing class with staff(Kyi Kyi). First step, she explained about designing poster. After that, she let the students to discuss and chose about their topic. Then they had designing time for their poster. When they finished designing poster, they had time to present for everyone. Also students, management, teachers had to vote for their poster. After that, each of team had to explained about their poster.

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Helping school by Rustic pathways

This is the third visit from Rustic Pathways, but the students were different from the last group. They visited our school to help and to make friends with students by working together. They took duties with our school’s students in groups for cooking, cleaning, gardening and roof fixing. After working at duties, they joined the craft class. Some of Rustic Pathways students taught some craft making activities. Then they had lunch with students, management and teachers. In the afternoon they had a fun time with students playing a football match.

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Debating class

At the third class for Friday morning, students had debating class with staff(Wai Nyi Nyi and Thein Zaw). At first Wai Nyi Nyi showed a documentary called “11 things you didn’t know about North Korea”. Then he explained about documentary to students.After that he divided two group and gave a topic. Students had 10 minutes to discussing with their team. Also some students were audience who vote for con and pro. For that students, Thein Zaw explained about voting systems. And then students selected three people who are going to compete at debate. Each of them had 2 minutes to debate. Also they had 1 minutes to discuss with group before next debate.

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A Role Play called “A little red hen”

Last week, Friday, school was running by management team and TE ( Teacher Education) students. At first class, students had a role play with management team(Ko Ko Oo and Moe Saung Phwe).At the beginning of class, staff gave instruction for the role play. Then they had practice time for competition performent called “A little red hen”. Everyone created fantastic perform with animal sound and action.

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